GDPR and Software Development

Software development companies in India are facing heat of GDPR compliance . Initially thought to be Law of EU now leaving great impact on companies in India. First problem will be business discontinuity as companies in EU cannot work with companies in India who are not GDPR compliant .

Confusion among third party service provider are they feel they are out of this as they donot work directly with end clients. But as per SCC (standard contractual clauses ) everyone in supply chain is liable thus require GDPR compliance.

Second big challenge will be restructuring of their software/APP as per Law as they are the faces who capture personal information at first stage. Restructure / re alignment will be daunting tasks for many companies who may have delivered their product long before May 25 2018.

Looking at all these it is certain that cost of operation will increase though new opportunities will also enable companies to do more business or move into territories they may not have worked till now.

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