GDPR and BIO/Pharma companies

GDPR is far more rigorous and comprehensive, and adherence to other Privacy standards does not equate to compliance with GDPR.

Do you know It is not enough just to say, “we are compliant”? Companies must now be able to demonstrate compliance. If the ICO asks, you must be able to provide evidence such as procedures, training, data mapping, artifacts and consent forms, audit reports.

Any initiatives/implementation you do which cannot generate the required evidence will make you Non-compliant. It’s also worthy to note that merely by documentation that majority of consultants are doing will not make you compliant. GDPR requirement will require the amalgamation of processing activity and Privacy controls.

Every single hour in your Organization you deal with mammoth personal information that can lead to Data subject identification, including but not limited to name, date of birth, social security number, telephone number, full-face photos, biometric data, genetic data sensitive personal data such as racial or ethnic origin etc. Life sciences firms like you also deal with a huge amount of sensitive data on the top which makes your compliance more crucial and mandatory. Do you know companies that are not directly subject to the GDPR, but whose customers, research collaborators or contractors are subject to the GDPR, will also be affected? Do you know that Collaborators and (in some cases) contractors (such as CROs running clinical studies) are likely to seek contractual commitments to help them achieve compliance with the GDPR?. Do you that Its crucial to secure the data from the Origin to the destination? Do you know that You are liable for sanctions when your third-party vendor or sub-processor is responsible for the breach? Do you know that every single employee in your organization needs to be trained on GDPR as one of the compliance requirement?

GDPR implementation needs to secure and safeguards you, your company vital interests and not to mention your reputation in the market. GDPR compliance is going to be a prerequisite in Life sciences industry before the execution of the project. In fact, None of the global controllers will ever want a noncompliant processor and a sub-processor. We know Compliance is always less expensive than Non compliance which is why we ensure to be your partners in this journey to assist the implementation letting you focus on your core business area.

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