Impact of GDPR on Non profit organizations or NGO’s are huge due to huge level of PI and SPII they stock due to nature of their process. Major impact will be on their HR and Fund raising activities .

HR and recruitment

As a part of process they recruit health professionals, logistical and administrative staff and medics across the Globe. Doctors and medical professionals share huge amount of personal information at the time of registrations Governing dynamics of GDPR is no different when it comes to protecting personal information of your members/ employee with the organization than protecting patients across the globe.

Fund Raising

As a part of Fund raising they are dealing with vast amount of personal data of donors. In addition to Personal information a lot of financial information is also collected. Its crucial that all of these data is secured and Donors are aware of your privacy policies and are duly informed of how you will use their data. Data subject rights will play a pivotal role in this implementation.

Website /portal/software

When we talk about demonstrable evidences it starts from the face of company i.e. your website , portal , software . Realignment will be required on how you address issues related to data subject rights from places where one collect personal data .

GDPR compliance does not conclude itself within the perimeter of your organization premise, but far from it travels to your vendors, systems, offshore data centres and DR sites, employees, contractors. Its relatively easy to demonstrate your compliance, but what about outside your organisation walls Do you know what legal implications that might follow when a vendor of you mismanages data provided by you. Well you just cannot wash your hands clean.

The Key Question is ARE YOU READY?

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